Dr. Jinnah is moving his practice and joining two new clinics on March 1st 2014!

He will be seeing patients starting on March 4th at 8 Hearts Health and Wellness (www.8hearts.org) at 5331 SW Macadam Ave. Suite 380 in the Water Tower building. 

He will also be seeing patients one day a week at Kwan-Yin Healing Arts East (www.kwanyinhealingeast.com) at 3115 NE Sandy Blvd. Suite 231.

He looks forward to seeing you there!______________________________________________________________


Brooklyn Natural Health Clinic (BNHC) is a leading and well-known natural medicine facility in SE Portland Oregon, offering Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine. We have free parking and are accessible to people with disabilities.

At BNHC, our doctors will listen in depth to your health concerns and work with you to find solutions. Our priority is finding the underlying cause of your health challenges and offering you an individualized natural treatment plan to help restore your health.

Our treatments will address not just your symptoms but also the underlying factors that have allowed those symptoms or condition to develop. We need to address the underlying causes (the roots of the tree, and the soil it is growing in) and not just the symptoms or condition (the branches of the tree) in order to make lasting and significant changes in your health.

Our doctors will design an individualized treatment plan for you that will work to restore balance to your whole system. Your treatment plan may include: nutritional advice, lifestyle changes, herbal formulas, homeopathic prescriptions, vitamins, physical medicine, acupuncture, Qi gong and more.

Health is the result of a system that is in balance. We can work with you to help guide you toward greater balance and health in your body.

We look forward to working with you on your journey toward greater health!

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more.