Patient Experiences


“Keivan Jinnah is a truly gifted healer: a physician who really listens for deep meaning and hears the underlying truth and a gently powerful ally who applies his considerable skills with compassion and kindness. I am grateful to him for helping me to create the balanced and healthy life I have always yearned for.”  —Beth, age 60

“I am happy to say that in the past eight months that I have been in his care I no longer have any of the side effects that I had, I have lost fifteen pounds, my glucose has gone from 109mg/dl to 87mg/dl. Blood pressure average from 190/95 to 114/76, my energy level has increased ten fold, my itchy skin has gone away completely and I no longer have nosebleeds.
The hardest part is in the beginning. It wasn’t easy for me but I told myself “this is my investment in me” and once I made this lifestyle change I can honestly say this has been a rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health and nothing short of a miracle for not only me but for my family as well.” – M

“As a result of Dr. Jinnah’s treatment, and the lifestyle changes I have made at his suggestion, my overall health has improved dramatically. At 61 years of age, I can honestly say that I have never in my life felt better or been healthier than I am today.” – David

“I have made great improvements in all areas of my life. I went from sleeping 3-4 hours a night to sleeping 8 and 9 hours.” – C.T.

“I have never had an experience with a medical practitioner where I felt so supported and cared for.  Dr. J is very invested in my health and as a result I’ve had both fabulous health results and the experience of feeling more in control of my health and wellness. And my weight has naturally balanced to fit my body. I sleep once again and my anxiety is gone!”—Dana, 42

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