Experiences with Dr. Jinnah – Hepatitis C and Liver disease

It was 2001 after a blood donation screening, when I received a letter from Red Cross informing me I had tested positive for HCV. Further evaluation documented genotype 1a chronic Hep C. It was thought that fibrosis would be low and was advised by my doctor to wait until symptoms surfaced before pursuing treatment.

Ten years later I developed excessive fatigue, nosebleeds, ascites and itching (pruritus) of the skin. A physical exam demonstrated a drop in platelet count from 156,000 to 90,000. A liver biopsy was recommended and performed. The biopsy revealed chronic hepatitis, mildly active (grade 2) with evolving cirrhosis stage III-IV.

In May 2012 I agreed to undergo treatment of interferon, ribavirin and teleprevir. After four weeks of treatment I was determined a non responder and had to immediately stop treatment.

Then one day I happened to be listening to a program on the radio while in my car, it was Dr Jinnah discussing herbal remedies for HCV, I was so intrigued by his knowledge and treatment of this disease that I pulled over to take notes. I was desperate for some kind of relief from how miserable this virus was making me feel. It was at this point I decided to check out the naturopathic route, so in February 2013 I scheduled my appointment with Dr Jinnah.

My first appointment was basically introducing Dr. Jinnah to all my side effects and health issues. Some of which were high blood sugar level due to my bad sugar addiction, high blood pressure, as I was around 20 pounds overweight. Dr Jinnah immediately started me on a blood sugar repair diet program along with a regimen of homeopathics and herbal drops, oh and not to forget the castor oil pack…yes this worked amazingly well to keep away the liver inflammation and pain! Within the first two weeks I began to feel more energetic and free from the side effects that plagued me.

I am happy to say that in the past eight months that I have been in his care I no longer have any of the side effects that I had, I have lost fifteen pounds, my glucose has gone from 109mg/dl to 87mg/dl. Blood pressure average from 190/95 to 114/76, my energy level has increased ten fold, my itchy skin has gone away completely and I no longer have nosebleeds.
The hardest part is in the beginning. It wasn’t easy for me but I told myself “this is my investment in me” and once I made this lifestyle change I can honestly say this has been a rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health and nothing short of a miracle for not only me but for my family as well.

My blessings to you Dr. Keivan Jinnah for all you continue to do to keep me healthy and feeling good and convincing me HCV is not a death sentence after all!

May Peace and Eternal health be with you and yours.


I have been a patient of Dr. Jinnah’s for more than seven years. I originally consulted him for treatment of hepatitis C. That treatment was so successful that the disease is no longer a major concern, and has very little impact on my life or my choices. Moreover, as a result of Dr. Jinnah’s treatment, and the lifestyle changes I have made at his suggestion, my overall health has improved dramatically. At 61 years of age, I can honestly say that I have never in my life felt better or been healthier than I am today.

Having had the experience of a doctor who takes the time to listen, who genuinely understands me, and who partners with me to improve my health, I will never again be satisfied with the traditional Western approach to medicine.



My story of change began in 1982 when I had a hysterectomy. I felt worse than ever after the operation. For 15 years I went undiagnosed, until I got to a naturopathic doctor. He diagnosed me after 4 visits. We learned that from blood transfusions given to me following my surgery, I now tested positive for Hepatitis C and Epstein Barr Syndrome. Through a hair sample test I also found that I had heavy toxic metals in my body.

I did not take any prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines for those 15 years, but treated myself with natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs. Now, with professional guidance and treatment, I have made great improvements in all areas of my life. I went from sleeping 3-4 hours a night to sleeping 8 and 9 hours.



Dr Jinnah Saved My Life:

My name is Leslie B and I have been a patient of Dr Jinnah since 2000. When I started with Dr Jinnah I had recently been diagnosed with hepatitis c and was in an absolute tailspin. I knew little to nothing about hep c and equated it with AIDS and death. I didn’t know if I could hurt and infect my family or if my husband would still love me. I felt dirty and diseased and gob smacked that my precious new life after drug addiction was being annihilated.

For two years leading up to my diagnosis I had been ill with chronic ear infections and unexplained exhaustion. Despite the fact that I ate healthily, exercised regularly, and was only 37 years old I couldn’t kick the constant infections and feelings of extreme fatigue that disabled me. I was used to working fulltime and attending college fulltime, but the infections got so bad I could only attend school part time and then fall exhausted into bed with a pain so tremendous I felt it would drive me mad, like a toothache in my ear.

For those two years I attended medical doctors and naturopathic doctors alike including two ear specialists. I had been prescribed eardrops and antibiotics over and over to no avail. The last specialist I saw looked in my ears and exclaimed in shock that the scarring was so severe it must have started in childhood. He didn’t believe when I told him I had never had an ear infection until just two years before.

The day of my diagnosis was a nightmare. I sobbed as if I would die. I was trying so hard to be a good person, to leave my days as a homeless junkie behind, to finally be good enough to escape the stigma, persecution, and shame. Cruel voices in my head reminded me I would never be good enough, could never run far enough, to live down those days.

Then there was light. Literally. Soon after my diagnosis I attended a class about hep c at the health department. It was there that a lady handed me Dr Jinnah’s number and I became his patient. Miraculously, Dr Jinnah was able to accept my open medical card through the Oregon Health Plan and I was able to receive treatments every week. Although at first, I must admit, I was wary.

During my first appointment, when I told Dr Jinnah about my ear infections, he said, “It’s all in your stomach, we need to treat your stomach”, and I thought to myself, “Great, this guy is a quack!” Nowadays it is becoming common knowledge that having a stomach full of “bad bacteria” is at the root of many chronic infections, but nine years ago I had never heard of it. Needless to say Dr Jinnah started me on his life giving stomach powders and homeopathic drops, Chinese herbal teas, acupuncture treatments, and nutrition counseling and within two months my infections were completely healed and have never returned!

I have continued to see Dr Jinnah regularly for the last nine years. Today I work full time and my exhaustion and infections are under control, but it is not only because of my physical self that I say Dr Jinnah saved my life, it is what he has done for me mentally and emotionally. Dr Jinnah has helped bring me from terrified to purposeful, from ignorant to educated, from dirty to clean. It is his voice in my head now talking to me about hep c, calming and soothing me, reminding me that hep c is a chronic condition to be managed, not a death sentence or a punishment. Dr Jinnah’s gentle smile, nonjudgmental attitude, vast knowledge, and amazing healing powers are a part of me forever now.

—Leslie B