Experiences with Dr. Jinnah – Other conditions


Three years ago I began to suffer an annual bout or two of sinusitis, a miserable condition that typically lasted for six weeks and often left me bedridden. My accustomed response was to visit my doctor and initiate a regimen of antibiotics or two, only to experience no more than slightly lessened symptoms as the infection ran its course.

Then a close friend, after much gentle coaxing, convinced me to see Dr. Jinnah, and thus began my introduction to the world of naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Jinnah explained at the outset that the sinuses constitute the upper extent of the gastrointestinal system and that to treat the sinus infection my immune system would need to be strengthened, beginning with a regimen to balance my GI. He utilized a variety of therapies including acupuncture, Chinese herbs, homeopathy, castor oil packs, Qi Gong, and dietary change. As a result, I no longer suffer the recurring sinus infections.

Dr. Jinnah has since treated me successfully for a host of maladies from sore muscles to hypertension. He employs an excellent bedside manner and is dedicated to a comprehensive, patient-centered, disease prevention health care model.

And, probably most important, he has educated me toward a natural, holistic attitude toward health and well-being.

I have recommended Dr. Jinnah unequivocally to friends and acquaintances.

—Greg W.


I was referred to Dr. Jinnah by several women with whom I work. I was experiencing hormonal ups and downs. Traditional medicine did not solve my problems. Dr. Jinnah recommended an anti-inflammatory nutrition plan for me, which I did for three weeks. After this I slowly re-incorporated other foods in and to my surprise I unexpectedly discovered a solution to a long-term health problem. I found that wheat and gluten were the culprits causing me painful hives. The added bonus was that the nutrition plan made me experience the other impacts of food on my system. I’ve stuck to an overall healthier diet and have much more energy and find that my hormonal challenges are greatly diminished. I found Dr. J to be extremely knowledgeable and very much a partner in the process. I highly recommend him.

—Annie, 46 years young


I have never had an experience with a medical practitioner where I felt so supported and cared for. While mainstream medical doctors may have been somewhat effective I always felt like a number and a bit anonymous. Dr. J is very invested in my health and as a result I’ve had both fabulous health results and the experience of feeling more in control of my health and wellness. And my weight has naturally balanced to fit my body. I sleep once again and my anxiety is gone!

—Dana, 42


I have been seeing Dr. Jinnah for more than five years, primarily for symptoms related to menopause. Through Dr. Jinnah’s care, I have avoided virtually all of the major issues that arise during this time. The doctor helped me to end my hot flashes and headaches, and to improve my sleep, all without the use of hormones. Through this process, I have learned a great deal about how my body functions during this time in my life. I have also been given invaluable tools for improving my day-to-day health.

I am confident that, with Dr. Jinnah’s help, I will go through this phase of my life healthier than ever. And the restrained approach, avoiding hormone replacement therapy, will help me avoid other potential illnesses as I age. Thank you, Dr. Jinnah!



At 23 years old after a car accident, I was diagnosed with sciatica. I was told by my doctor (MD) that there was nothing to be done other than to be on medication, and that I would just have to live with it my whole life. This is not something you want to hear at 23, I was on a nerve pain medicaton that was effecting my memory, personality and many other things, I was not myself anymore. I had never tried acupuncture, and none of my doctors had suggested it. After about 9 months of taking gabapentin and going to physcial therapy, I was introduced to acupucture.

I started treating with Dr. Jinnah towards the end of December 2011. After about one month of treatment, I was completely off the nerve pain medication and only taking small amounts of pain medication. It’s now been about 8 months since I started treating with Dr. Jinnah, and I have about 10% more to go! I have NO NERVE PAIN and very little pain in other areas. Dr. Jinnah has helped me tremendously and I don’t believe I ever would have fully recovered if it weren’t for Dr. Jinnah and acupuncture. He is truly an amazing healer and he really cares about his patients and their well being.

Thank you Dr. Jinnah for everything you’ve done to help me, you are truly a blessing to anyone who ever crosses your path. I truly believe without you, I would have never recovered.



In August 1998 while visiting from the east coast with my family Oregon, my 91 year-old mother suffered a debilitating stroke. After a hospital stay and three months in rehabilitation, we brought her to our home to care for her. Although she had lived her entire lifetime in Philadelphia, she had lived alone since my father’s death nine years before and this arrangement was no longer tenable. We did everything we could to compensate for her isolation from her life-long spiritual community and friends. Needless to say, this was a time of deep sorrow for a woman who had been fiercely independent and active until the day before the stroke. While she had built a long history of relationships with professional services providers in Philadelphia and had medical insurance, she knew no doctors in Oregon. The most difficult aspect of starting over was asking her to trust new doctors who seemed young enough to be her great-grand children. I called many medical doctors offices and interviewed them over the phone. Most of them were dismissive of her condition asking what I expected, given my mother’s advanced years. I was frustrated by their unwillingness to consider her quality of life or possible future. Then I was directed to call Keivan Jinnah. Fresh out of medical school, Keivan was starting a new practice as a naturopathic physician and practitioner of Chinese medicine, and he was willing to come to our home to work with my mother. It is difficult to find words to describe the depth of compassion and respect Keivan showed my mother. She trusted him immediately and so did I. Keivan used acupuncture and naturopathic approaches that were foreign to her but she was willing to believe in their efficacy and she was comforted by them. What a blessing he was to her. Keivan cared for my mother with loving kindness and generosity of spirit helping her to live as best she could each and every day that remained to her.

—Anne, age 91


During the course of caring for my elderly mother, Keivan had become a trusted friend and professional resource for my husband and son and me. Keivan’s role in improving my health and well-being has been invaluable. I have a life-long history of metabolic and immunologic imbalances. It seems that my entire life had been devoted to trying to find balance, wondering what normal would feel like. As a child I was always underweight and recognized as malnourished since the age of six months and this was not for lack of care and attention. I suffered from chronic ear infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis, insomnia, and continual diarrhea throughout my childhood which then morphed into acne, ballooning weight, chronic lymphatic infections, Candida albicans overgrowth, depression, and low blood sugar during my adolescence. Throughout my twenties, I suffered from cerebral allergies with serious imbalances in my brain chemistry and plummeting weight. My life seemed like continual misery. I worked with a group of orthomolecular physicians who helped me get my life into some semblance of order by vastly restricting what I ate, limiting my exposure to environmental toxins, taking allergy shots each week for 75 substances, and moving to an entirely different climate so that my immune system could get some relief from allergic reactivity. I moved across the country and spent six years living a quiet stress-free life at the edge of the ocean. It seemed that for those six years I experienced a true period of renewal. Slowly balance returned and I felt happy and seemed normal. By the end of my thirties I married and gave birth to my only child and moved to yet another climate. At age 45 I started menopause and a few years later my mother suffered a stroke during a visit with my family and I began the full-time preoccupation with my her care. Five years after my mother’s death, I succumbed to the pressures of a daily commute, the responsibilities of work , and parenting an adolescent child. I lost the balance that I had worked so many years to achieve. At that time I asked Keivan to help me. We worked diligently together to build a diagnostic relationship and gain a complete picture of my

functioning. When I reached a plateau, I would continue on the course we had set and then as aspects of my health would sort out, we would pick up my treatment path and proceed with the next steps. And so it was along this path that Keivan set for me, the great mystery of my dis- eased life was solved. From all my clusters of symptoms and years of progression Keivan diagnosed celiac disease. As more and more of the implications of undiagnosed celiac emerged, all the parts of the puzzle made sense and fit together. It became clear that my son was also celiac and so sadly was my poor mother, who had suffered so much during her life. Over the course of two years, Keivan has methodically and diligently worked to heal one system after another. We have focused on strengthening my immune system and reinforcing my nervous system all the while healing my gastro-intestinal tract. For me this time of discovery has been a miraculous time of healing and regeneration. Using homeopathic remedies, Chinese herbs, sound nutrition, and acupuncture Keivan has worked his healing art and medical science. Keivan Jinnah is a truly gifted healer: a physician who really listens for deep meaning and hears the underlying truth and a gently powerful ally who applies his considerable skills with compassion and kindness. I am grateful to him for helping me to create the balanced and healthy life I have always yearned for.

—Beth, age 60